Oh, hai!! Iz bloggin’!!

Wow … my very own blog!   

I am very excited.  And a little intimidated.  I mean, I really haven’t done anything  yet to warrant my own blog.  Okay,  I’ve been married for a really long time.  To the same guy, even.  And I have two kids.  And I’ve volunteered at the middle school library every week for the past 4 years (even though my son’s in high school and my daughter’s in elementary school, but I love this library!!)  

And I wrote a book. 

Yes, a whole book, with something like 300 pages in it (but I don’t keep track because that is subject to change).   I love my book.  I love my plot.  And I love my characters, especially the picture of my male protagonist (which I got by Googling ‘hot Asian guys’ and highly recommend that you do NOT do this on your parents’ computer!!).  And a very amazing agent  loved my book enough to offer to send it to some editors and a very amazing editor has offered to publish my book!  So how cool is that?    

I started writing this book nearly three years ago with two goals – to write a kickass paranormal romance, and to see it through to publication.  Did you ever read The Carrot Seed by Crockett Johnson (the guy who wrote Harold and the Purple Crayon)?  A little boy planted a carrot seed, and everyone told the poor kid the seed wouldn’t grow.  Well, not to ruin the plot for you, but the seed DID grow, and the boy ended up with a ginormous carrot.  I felt like that kid … while my family and friends were encouraging, the bottom line was I knew it would be difficult to get a book published – there is a tremendous, no, let me capitalize on that …  T-R-E-M-E-N-D-O-U-S amount of competition out there.  

It’s been a trip.  And it’s not over yet.  If you want to ride the rest of the way with me, we can learn together whether the road to publication is paved with diamonds or glass (or a little bit of both ; )


5 Responses to “Oh, hai!! Iz bloggin’!!”

  1. Paula Super Says:

    Way to go, Gina. I like what you wrote. Congrats on your first blog!

  2. Victoria Cetrone Says:

    I’m still waiting for my copy!

  3. Wendy Thomas Says:

    Aaahhh, look at you! It’s your next big step on your way to stardom. (authordom??)

    • ginascriptina Says:

      Stardom schmardom – I’d rather sit in my little hidey-hole at home in my ratty t-shirt/jeans and write. Unfortunately, as the roadmap to publication is showing me, writers who don’t market themselves don’t hold their place on the book store shelves very long.

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